Reasons why you should move to France

New French Tech Visa: a smoother process to come to France

The new French Tech visa makes it easier than ever to hire foreign people, whatever country they come from. This will help French startups to scale up and go global.

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France is running for European leadership in deep tech while advocating a global ethics for AI. French Tech also boasts great startups in technical areas like biotech, blockchain and nanotechnology.

A talent-friendly country
An innovation-friendly tax system
Disruptive startups are entitled to tax exemptions from the French administration. It enables them to spend more on R&D without burning additional cash.
A thriving ecosystem
French crypto is taking off
French startups are building blockchains and developing services that go far beyond digital currencies and help individuals, businesses as well as NGOs.
Scale-up Stories
Take a look at the brightest French Tech companies

If you want to try and guess what the next French unicorn will be, take a look at some of its most promising scale-ups like Alan or Ledger.


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