AI for Humanity

Drone champion Delair strikes a deal with mining giant Eramet
Delair, a startup based near Toulouse, develops professional drones for various industries. Its smart platform is going to turn aerial data of the group’s mining sites into digital twins.
France, artificial intelligence’s new hub
In a matter of years, France has become a major spot for international AI research. Digital behemoths fight over its researchers and data scientists.
France, a hero of fairness in the use of AI feat. Cédric Villani
Cédric Villani, a distinguished mathematician and author of the “AI for Humanity” report, explains how AI should serve the common good and how French startups leverage it to improve our daily lives.
A cure for the blind feat. Luca Verre
AI to serve Humanity
France stands out as a global leader in artificial intelligence. The country is actively engaged in defining the ethical and legal framework around this game-changing technology.