Forty French startups that will change our future


As international investors are willing to spot digital champions, France has created the Next40 listing which singles out its 40 most promising tech startups. They all are in hypergrowth mode but have not made any exit or IPO yet – which is why Criteo, for instance, is not part of it. Next40 includes 7 unicorns and 33 scale-ups which cover various areas like deep tech, medtech, blockchain, IoT or cybersecurity.

Some directly contribute to a better planet. Hence, five of them received a Tech4Good this week from the French government: OpenClassrooms (which promotes online education for all), Ynsect (a green agtech which was also praised for gender diversity), Back Market (a refurbishing marketplace that belongs to the “circular economy”) and Doctolib (healthcare appointment made easy).

Here is the menu, enjoy your meal!