Scale-up Stories

If you want to try and guess what the next French unicorn will be, take a look at some of its most promising scale-ups like Alan or Ledger. How did they forge their vision and values? Go global in just a few years? Build and retain five-star teams? Maintain their work culture in times of massive hiring?
Founders dissect their success story for us.
More unicorns to come!
During the Viva Technology tech event, a jury of international investors bet on the next European unicorns. French Tech trusted three out of the five awards!
How to become a Super Scale-up
If you try and guess who will be France’s next unicorn, you should have a look at its most promising scale-ups like Meero or Ledger.
How Meero generates 80% of its turnover abroad
Thomas Rebaud is the co-founder of Meero, a company that uses AI to edit photographs. In just three years it has grown worldwide, from New York to Sydney. He shares tips on going global.
France’s tech scene enters a new dimension
French tech boasts an increasing number of startups that have raised more than €20m ($23m).
3 lessons from a unicorn feat. Frédéric Mazzella
Frédéric Mazzella got the idea of creating BlaBlaCar on the Christmas Eve of 2003. Trains were fully booked and he couldn’t find any carpooling website. He created a platform now operating in 22 count
A cure for the blind feat. Luca Verre